We have a new priest at our church and he always opens Mass with “Happy Sunday”. I love that! In our hectic world Sunday should be a slice of sanity.

When I was a little girl my Nanny (my grandmother who I wrote about in last month’s newsletter) made a large “Sunday Dinner” each week. It was an Italian feast that I really looked forward to. This weekend tradition was not only delicious to the palette but refreshing to the spirit even at an early age.

spaghettiActually, observing this procedural meal was probably the beginning of my organizer training without her or me even knowing it. She would do the food shopping on Saturday morning, start the sauce, prep the salad, roll and brown the meatballs and sausage. By Saturday evening the dining room table would be set with all the dishes, glasses, serving utensils, salt and paper etc.

On Sunday morning just the finishing touches were made. Nanny always had time to sit with us in the afternoon before dinner for a chat and a cup of coffee while the pasta water was boiling. By the time everyone went home the kitchen was clean right down to the dining room table pads getting tucked away and the tablecloth shaken outside and placed into the washing machine. Nanny was very organized!

Those Sunday Suppers feel like a very long time ago now that I’m vising my Nanny in and out of hospitals and rehabs as of late. I am very grateful for that stretch of life. She set in motion the idea of scheduled family time, good habits and taught me to do everything you can IN ADVANCE so you can enjoy your relatives when the doorbell rings.

Sunday Sanity Summit

There is one thing I always do on Sunday that gives me similar stress-relief as my old-fashioned visits to Nanny and Papa’s house. Believe it or not, it’s reviewing my planner. This truly keeps me sane and organized. This concept brings my past tasks and goals to examination and scrutinizes what level of energy needs to be given to the next 7 days.

I recently hired a business coach named Cena Block of www.SaneSpaces.com. Cena shared one of her forms called the “Sunday Sanity Summit.” It basically takes the notion of what I was doing every Sunday up a notch. I’ve asked her permission to share it with you here so I hope you take this TMT (Time Management Tool) to heart and try it out with your planner.

The first time I used Cena’s form I printed it out and took it to a coffee shop early on a Sunday morning. I thoroughly enjoyed the “Review” and “Set Up” categories that she had listed on this document. By the time I got to the bottom of my coffee cup I was entirely organized for my work and my family for the upcoming week.

This is my Valentine’s Day gift to you (even if it is from my coach)!