Santa has a very long task list this month. How about you? Are you keeping master checklists to get yourself smoothly through December? Lists are excellent tools to help us get things done.

Last month POSSE reminded you about our Holiday Binder. Here are my personal lists that keep Jean Marie sane during the Christmas chaos:

  • Greeting Card List
  • Who to Buy For List
  • Budget (ok, I kind of consider this a List)
  • To Do List (also known as my Action Plan)

So don’t be naughty, make some nice lists for yourself. I recently gave a workshop on how to create this Holiday Organizer Binder. One of the gals in the audience said, “I actually have all those lists but on different papers kept in different envelopes. You taught me today that I should have everything in one home such as a binder. What a great idea. I guess I’m not so disorganized after all.”