In order to get organized one must make decisions. Making decisions leads to action. Action takes one from dormant to proactive. Proactivity stimulates our brains and gets us on the right track.

I’ve noticed several common comments when I have completed an organizing job:

  • I feel like I’ve lost 20 pounds.
  • I’m finally getting this off my list. I can’t believe it took me this long to do this.
  • Your gift certificate was the best present my children ever bought me.
  • I love my home again, it’s actually beautiful.
  • I’ve been looking for that, I’m so glad we found it!
  • Now I feel comfortable knowing what I have and how much I have and where it all is.
  • This process is very therapeutic, do all your clients feel this way?
  • It makes me so happy to get this out of my house.
  • The stress is gone because I know where all my important papers are and can get them in one minute.
  • I’m thrilled someone else can use my things.
  • I feel so cleansed.

These are joyful people who have gone through the process of making the hard decisions and putting the time it takes into getting organized. They now live with “less stuff” in a home surrounded only by their favorite things, important papers and items they truly use. Now they are happy.