September is National Preparedness Month so I wanted to review a few tips since many of my clients are unprepared for any event that brings down their electrical power or wreaks havoc on their houses.

FEMA checklistHere is a link to the FEMA checklist on how to prepare yourself and your home for a disaster. I’m going to highly recommend you, click here.

  1. Print it out.
  2. Put a date on your calendar as to when you are going to put this list into action.
  3. Start thinking about where you will store the items on this list in your home.
  4. After you’ve kept this appointment on the calendar with yourself and completed the checklist, put another date on the calendar for 6 months ahead and rotate the food, water, batteries and other items that need tweaking.
  5. When that date comes, do #4 again and then again and then again turning this “disaster plan” into a very good habit.

Car & Wallet Readiness

Speaking of disaster preparedness this month, I read something interesting on our NAPO chat that was written by a professional organizer who used to be a police officer.

She mentioned that the police are not trained to look for “ICE” information – In Case of Emergency – on people’s phones. Therefore many officers who come to the rescue of car accidents don’t touch our phones looking for contact information if we are unconscious. BUT emergency personnel do look for your driver’s license, registration and insurance. So I’m going to suggest that you attach a note to your license in your wallet and your insurance card in your glove compartment with the following:

  • Your primary emergency contact names, relationship and mobile and home phone number.
  • A list of any medications you or potential family members traveling in the car (such as children and spouse) might be taking on a regular basis.
  • Verify this information in both places at least annually and any time someone’s meds change.
  • If you have young children, I recommend keeping a current photo of the child with his/her weight and height on the back of the picture. You want to have this in your wallet too so God forbid your child becomes lost you can give this information over to the authorities to help with a search rescue.

Back to School Readiness

Hopefully our children adjust well as they transition back to academia. Here are great tools to help our students do so:

time timerTime Timer study minderStudy Minder plastic envelopesBinder Envelope