When I was in college studying for my degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management I had a professor who taught culinary classes. Professor Tolve’s favorite motto was “Clean as You Go”. I suppose the pre-organizer in me liked the concept of cleaning up at every available opportunity…

The idea for this month’s newsletter came about when my “frient” (friend and client), Susan Barbuto and I joined forces. She is the Environmental Commissioner for Franklin Lakes and has quite the passion for greening one’s home.

This month as you do your spring cleaning and de-cluttering why not take into consideration going green-er by implementing some of these recommendations for common rooms followed by suggestions for the whole house:


  • Utilizing Recycling Bins
  • Composting
  • Use Tupperware or the Like
  • Taking your Green Bags Shopping
  • Installing Energy Efficient Appliances and/or Apps
  • Purchasing Non-Toxic Cleaning Products
  • R/O Filter instead of Bottled Water
  • Buying Local


  • Tubeless Toilet Paper/Recycled Paper
  • Adjusting Toilet and Faucet Flow
  • Utilizing Washable Hand Towels
  • Purchasing Non-Toxic Toiletries


  • Doing Mostly Cold Water Washes
  • Utilizing Non-Toxic Cleaning Chemicals and Recycling Containers


think_greenWHOLE HOUSE

  • Use LED Light Bulbs
  • Decrease Disposable Waste, Especially Paper
  • Thing Large Packaging when Purchasing
  • Use Ceiling Fans
  • Keep your Heat at 62-65 and your Air Conditioning at 68
  • Invest in Solar Panels
  • For Décor in your Home:
    • Have Non-Toxic Indoor and Outdoor Plants
    • Help Insulate with Insulating Curtains and Shades
    • Use Organic and Natural Fabrics and Materials

Sue also recommends, “Living Green, A Practical Guide to Simple Sustainability” by Greg Horn.