As a professional organizer, I call what I physically do, “the function before beauty.” I get my clients homes de-cluttered and put solutions and systems in place so they can keep their houses in order.

Often I’ll be asked, “What color should I paint this room or what do you think of this furniture?” Let me tell you, I am not the right person to give you decorating suggestions, BUT I now work with someone who can!

I met Bernadette Flaim of The Flaim Group many years ago when she was a PO. Since then she has refined her business to staging and redesign. We work together on homes that are getting ready to go on the market organizing and staging them, however, her talent doesn’t end there.

Home staging is the process of preparing a home for sale prior to putting it on the real estate market. Its goal is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers — positioning it to sell for the most money in the shortest amount of time. Staging is a target marketing technique that transforms spaces that appeal to the dreams and aspirations of the buyer — creating value and desire – setting properties apart from their competition.

Redesign is to imaginatively refocus and refresh any space using what you already have (furniture and décor) in new and unexpected ways. This includes one-day room makeovers or simply selecting color, furnishings, finishes and accessories.

Since most of my clients are not moving but want to continually improve the aesthetics of their newly organized spaces, enter the Redesign process. Using what you already own and love in your home is a fantastic, inexpensive way to create your individual haven. Bernadette’s resourcefulness in the utilization of repurposing your current furniture, artwork, trinkets etc. with some minor rearranging of furniture placement and accessories can transpose your feelings from blah and boring to beautiful.

Below are some quick tips from Bernadette (including her photos) to help you with your transformation after you have completed your Spring Fling of clutter:


Are you looking for a way to create a comfortable and livable home your whole family will love?

Here are some quick tricks to help you achieve that relaxed, yet stylish look.

staged-livingroomDon’t overcrowd rooms — less stuff is more pleasing to the eye, so keep accessories to a minimum allowing your eye to rest.

Start with a neutral color palette — this fail-safe color choice will offer a relaxing feel to the space and keep your rooms fresh and going strong for the long haul. To make the room pop, you can accent with one or more of your favorite colors. When you tire of it — it’s easy to re-accessorize with a new color choice.

Select comfortable furniture — deep, soft cushions and lots of cozy pillows will invite family and friends to kick off their shoes and relax. Contemporary does not have to be hard, cold and uncomfortable — take the time to test out furniture before you buy.

cameraCreate a mood — for example, if you want a cottage feel, mix the old with the new. If your vision is more contemporary — decorate with sleek, clean-lined furniture pieces and minimal accessorizing.

Make a room personal — create a homey, inviting space by grouping objects, mementos and photos around a favorite theme like beach or travel.

But don’t forget, it is of vital importance to do the organizing first so that when you design or redesign, the artist in you or your designer is using only what you love, use and need, otherwise your decorating around clutter…