Don’t wait for a disaster to strike before you properly take care of your important information!

A few years ago I met a woman named Carol Kaufman. Carol had joined NAPO-Northern New Jersey of which I am a member. Carol’s personal story of why she created computer software to house people’s “Life Inventory” resonated with me.

Carl R. Kaufman

Carol R. Kaufman

In 1994, Carol’s parents were in a tragic auto accident. Her mom was instantly killed and her father lost all of his executive level skills. For the next 14 years, Carol became her dad’s primary care coordinator. When he passed away in 2008, her nightmare began. Where is everything? WHAT is everything? Her dad had always written a letter, every 5-7 years, stating all of their important information, but because of his memory loss, the last letter he’d written was in 1989 and, by 2008, the information was stale, accountants and attorneys had changed and her parents had even bought a home safe…and no one knew the combination!

Thus began the quest of finding all papers relative to their estate. This experience was such a journey for Carol that her passion was poured into a product to prevent other people from having to experience the stress, fatigue and both emotional and financial hardship that she had to face for an additional five years. Her product is called CBData®.

As professional organizers, Carol and I both know that with planning comes peace of mind. I have been so intrigued with Carol’s personal voyage and product that I took her CBData® Aggregator Course.

What Does a CBData Aggregator Do?

CBDataAggregator“POSSE is now a certified CBData® Aggregator”.

What does this mean to our clients? It means that POSSE possesses the specific skill sets to partner with you to help you collect, organize and store every aspect of your individual and family’s personal lives — all in one place, fully secure, residing right on your personal computer with the CBData® software.

POSSE can help you build a “Life Inventory” which is a catalog of everything important in your life; from family members and pets to your online accounts, passwords and secured locations. From your wallet contents to financial firms, account numbers and contact phone numbers. From your service providers to your medical information. From your pictures of your home contents to pictures of your family… and everything in between. Then, all of that personal, medical, financial and other family information, for each family member, gets input into CBData® so that, instead of having piles of paper, you’ll have everything digitized in one safe location!

And CBData® creates intelligent reports for you, with the data, such as an emergency wallet card that lists your In Case of Emergency people and any medical conditions, allergies, doctors to call and medicines you take. Or a wallet contents report, that lists everything in your wallet (or purse), with phone numbers to call to cancel and replace important cards, in case you lose them, or they’re stolen. You can safely back the file up to the Internet, if you want, and you can sync whatever information you want, read-only, to your mobile device, for a portable GO (get organized) tool.

Here’s why people don’t compile a Life Inventory:

  • They think they’re too young to worry about it.
  • They think that having everything “in their head” is organized enough.
  • They say they don’t have the time.
  • They don’t know how or where and when to start, and just the thought of doing it is not only overwhelming, it’s paralyzing.
  • They say someone else can worry about it after they’re gone
  • They say that, if they get everything together, they’ll “jinx” themselves.

If you love the concept but know you need or would like help, as a CBData® aggregator, POSSE can come to your home and, in a matter of hours, help you pull all this information together. Then you can either scan and input the data into CBData® yourself or continue with additional help from Carol’s CBData® JumpStart Program, in which a CBData® professional would do the data input for you.

I mentioned CBData® and POSSE in this month of March because this is a great time to be going through all your papers and filing as you are filling out your taxes. You can leverage this work by building your Life Inventory and compiling your taxes simultaneously. Peace of Mind is the best gift you can give the ones you love. And the added benefits are that you become more efficient, spend less time looking for things you know you have and even save time and money, being able to make informed decisions when a medical crisis occurs or being able to prove ownership if a natural disaster strikes.

If you are ready to gather and sort all your vital documents and Life Inventory information, simply call Jean Marie Herron at 201-406-9643. Additionally, please see our coupon below this month for a special discount for the CBData® Personal product.