Don’t wait for a disaster to strike before you properly take care of your pictures

Why do we love our photographic memorabilia so much? It reconnects us emotionally to people, places, time and tells the story of our lives. If you have developed prints, slides, tapes, cartridges and reel to reels collected in a box here’s the bad news:

  • You don’t often look at it
  • You might not remember the memory without it
  • You most likely won’t share it with loved ones
  • There is a good chance for weather and accidental damage to happen to it such as a flood, fire, mold and insects
  • There is a definite chance that it will deteriorate if you don’t transfer it to digital

MEMORABILIA PRISON – The Attic, Basement, Garage & Crawlspace

This is a photo of GoPreserve working in the Rockaways after Sandy. Let's not have to go this route for salvaging your photos. Let's get them organized, preserved and safe this year.

If you have 8 bins of pictures in the attic, how easy is it to access a memory? It’s trapped, it’s in memorabilia prison, just waiting for you to say, “Hey, remember me, how about we take a walk down memory lane and you show your daughter that you were an exchange student in college and spent a semester studying in London?”

Most people born before the age of digital cameras and recorders are overwhelmed with their collections of family photos but if one does not transfer “the old into the new” it will not only deteriorate over time but then you’ve lost the opportunity to review your past and pass it on to the future.

When you spend the time, energy and money to turn old media into new, you can now watch, share and preserve the memories of a lifetime. Your boxes and bins of your “life history” can now be seen and enjoyed anytime of the day on just about any screen in the house. This makes an awesome gift whether for Valentine’s Day or any very special occasion. I know, I’ve done it.

So, who has the time, energy and know-how to turn your photographic “stuff” into digital? Not me, that’s why I turn to memorabilia experts who know how to technically put us at ease with our prized home movies and pictures.