It’s December and we all know what that means for our mailboxes, lots of catalogs.

So in order to help the planet and your kitchen table here’s how to handle the holiday retail avalanche:

  • Do not let a single catalog pass through your house without an opportunity to go directly to your recycling receptacle if you know you don’t want it. BUT before doing so take off the back and/or front page with your personal identification and unsubscribe information.
  • Create an “Unsubscribe” folder and place all these pages in the folder of catalogs you do not wish to receive.
  • If you keep the catalog, it must have a “home”. A place to live while it sits in a basket somewhere waiting for you to read it. Then you must write on your calendar when you are going to read/place an order. If you don’t place an order, recycle it. If you do place an order, rip out the page with the item and write your order number on it and create a “Waiting on Response” folder. Then recycle the rest of the catalog.
  • After the holidays set aside some time to go on This is a great website for you to manage all your unwanted catalogs. Have your “Unsubscribe” folder with you when you do this, you will need information off those pages to unsubscribe. This is a FREE site.