You know you do it, clutter-clear your house when people are coming over for the holidays. Do you by any chance stuff your papers and miscellaneous items that you don’t know what to do with into your closets or garage? (You’re probably going to need that garage this winter to store your car!)

Going forward the only one who should be doing the stuffing is Santa with his big red pouch. Try these tried and true Holiday Clutter Busters this season:

5 Holiday Clutter Busters:

1. A Sack a Day Keeps the Clutter Away – From now until January 10th I dare you to make one sack (plastic bag, paper bag, or box) per day of the below suggestions and get it out of your home:

  • Garbage
  • Shredding
  • Recycling
  • Donations
  • Consignments
  • Give-A-Ways

2. Jingle Jingle Don’t Co-Mingle – Make sure every room in your house has a clear definition of purpose and don’t put items in that space that don’t belong in that room. For example, if your dining room is for dining, do not put a coat on the back of a dining room chair, mail on the dining room table or your Costco purchases on the dining room floor.

3. One In, One Out – Simple enough to say, hard to do. If you buy a new dress for a holiday party, let an old dress go. If you receive a gift you love, let an older gift go too. If you open up a gift basket of non-perishables items that you truly will eat then send a similar amount of items in your pantry to the Center for Food Action

4. Under Two Please Do – As soon as you have the opportunity to do something around your home that takes only a minute or two, complete the task right away. So if you finish eating lunch, put the dishes directly into the dishwasher or wash them. If you scuffed your shoe on the front step take it off as soon as you get in the house and put the shoe polish on it. If you take in the mail and see a coupon for the dog groomer call immediately to make an appointment for when you want Fluffy bathed before company comes to sleepover.

5. Master Master, Keep a List – Please, please, please, do not shop for the holidays without taking a thought-out list of who, what and how much you want to spend on your loved ones this season.