Here are four categories with one example of a clutter-free gift idea to help you think about how you can avoid giving potentially unwanted items to your recipients:

  • Sentimental – Go for the heartstrings. Help a loved one de-clutter all her boxed photos for decades by turning those piled up, hard to see memories into a DVD movie that can easily be seen on a flatscreen made through Keep It Reel.
  • Service Oriented – Most of us would love help with the maintenance of our nests. I know if I received a gift certificate for power washing my house next spring that would thrill me.
  • Necessities – This might sound boring but most people have been hit hard this year economically. If so, gift cards for the basics like gas might make a much-appreciated gift.
  • Educational – What do you give the person who has everything; knowledge. Who couldn’t use help with technology in 2013? The best example of this would be to hire Betsy Coyne of The PC Teacher to teach you or your family members and friends almost anything computer / electronic / media related.