As a professional organizer I see the psychological hardship on people as they struggle with parting with possessions they no longer need or use. Not knowing where those belongings will end up can either tug on their heartstrings or make them feel terribly guilty, frustrated and angry depending on the psychology behind the item.

Sometimes I have to search for just the right place, charity or person to donate to for my clients to “let go” of things they are willing to give up IF they know it’s going to a good home.

There are so many wonderful places to donate to in our area. Just look in your local papers this time of year or Goggle “donations, Bergen County, NJ” and a myriad of great resources will appear on your screen. If you would like my recommendations, feel free to contact me at 201-406-9643 and we can discuss my personal resource list for such ideas.

It gives all of us peace of mind when our possessions end up in the hands of people who will truly appreciate and use our give-a-ways. One of the things that doesn’t generally happen in our affluent neighborhoods here in northern New Jersey is people do not get to see the faces of indebtedness and gratitude when they receive our gifts. Nor do most of us feel the impact donations have on underprivileged communities. We only see our side; bagged items going into a bin or being picked up by a truck. Please know that your donations create a lot of happiness and fulfill a need on the opposite end.

Donations are sometimes thought of as things that “clutter” or do not have a purpose in your home, but what they truly can represent is an opportunity to help a stranger.