So how can you organize “giving thanks” to the people you care about? In this day and age the concept of showing appreciation to others is one of those little things that most people have (unfortunately) stopped doing because they are too busy. So please, don’t let your life become so hectic that you that your attitude for gratitude escapes from your time management as fast as the turkey dinner is eaten up on Thanksgiving Day.

 Schedule & Implement the below tips for reinstalling gratefulness to those who make your day:

  • First and Last 15 – I feel a personal (doesn’t mean you do but give it a try!) obligation to start and end my day with some type of inspirational and spiritual reading which lends itself to a prayer of thanksgiving. This mindset keeps everything that happens in between wake-up and bedtime in true perspective.
  • Spoken Word – If good thoughts come into your head, why not let them roll off your tongue? You will probably make someone’s day by thanking them for even the smallest things.
  • Touch – I have an Italian girlfriend who is always touching me on my arm or hand when she’s speaking to me and I’m not used to being touched that way, but I have to say that I love it. It makes me feel very connected to her when she does that.
  • Written Notes – It’s amazing what a Post It can do in a child’s lunchbox, a card sent through the mail to a relative who lives cross-country or a letter to a spouse hidden in a suitcase while he/she is abroad.
  • Electronic Notes – For those technologically comfortable, a text or email can be a quick, fun and simple connection for letting someone know you care.
  • Call – A real voice of concern with a real live human on each end, how often do folks really get to talk now without interruptions?
  • Gift – These don’t need to be expensive or time-consuming; they just need to show “thankfulness”. I recently held a client appreciation event at my house and one on my client’s brought me some Indian Corn. I thought to myself that that was quite a clever, entertaining, inexpensive token of her thoughtfulness!
  • Invite People Over – When you invite people into your home it’s like inviting them into your heart. I read a recent statistic that claimed we have reduced gatherings in our houses by almost 50%. That’s sad. Freely giving hospitality speaks volumes of “thank you” and “I trust you” to those asked inside.
  • Donate – When you donate anything from your home to charity, that’s organized thanks. By being generous with your possessions, you may never realize the indebtedness that strangers can’t articulate on the receiving end.

So what do all these ideas have in common? They take time to think about and time to do them. That’s why we need to get them organized into our day. They become a chosen task so plan to give thanks. Write down in your planner when you are going to take action!