1. Create an “Art Gallery” area in your home. This could be:

  • Part of a wall honoring their work
  • A clipboard for each child’s creation
  • A magnetic area of paint so you can hang up each day’s designs with magnets.
  • A square area such as framed-in molding, corkboard, cork strips, a French Memo Board, a Magnetic strip etc.
  • String your laundry room with rope and use clothespins to display your favorite pieces
  • Add shadow boxes so you can display 3D artwork

2. Acquire an Art Portfolio – you can use a flat receptacle for under the bed, couch or behind a piece of furniture. Could be something fanciful from Lillian Vernon or Pearl or simplistic like a clean pizza box.

3. When the school year is complete, go through the portfolio together saving your favorites. You can frame them for real wall hangings, photograph them for a digital slide show on a computer or digital photo frame and keep your favorites in an acid free box wherever you keep your archives. The rest truly need to go to recycling…

4. At holiday time:

  • Use for gifts, gift wrap and cards.
  • Send to long distant relatives as special gifts made by the children.

5. Buy a Memorabilia Box — Pick up a beautiful keepsake box at places like the Christmas Tree Shop or Michael’s. One doesn’t need to see this daily but have your child place items inside that hold strong emotional attachments like special drawings, pictures, tickets and friendship bracelets. Keep one per child in his/her bedroom.