Everyone in a family feels the tension and excitement as children head back to school. Adhering to these concepts in September will help children and adults feel organized and at ease about new routines:

1. Hold fun family meetings to set clear expectations and for good communication.

2. Create and adhere to “House Rules” such as:

  • Determine in advance bedtime and wake up times.
  • Decide what electronics can be on and used and for how long during the school week and weekends.
  • Agree what responsibilities/chores are to be done by whom and how often. Definitely utilize chore charts and/or checklists and predetermine rewards and consequences.

3. Have a “Home” for school information/papers. This needs to be in a common area so students and caregivers alike can review and follow up as needed. Just as there is a need for a paper place, there also needs to be protocol about electronic school information. Most schools are sending communications via email so set up a folder in your email box for such and schedule a routine time daily to retrieve this information.

4. Decide on what type of calendar system your family will be using and then USE it. Make sure everyone’s activities and appointments are on the calendar so each family member learns proper time management skills.

5. Purge the clutter before school starts. Go through the clothing and school supplies currently in the house and take inventory. Get rid of what is not staying and write of list of necessary purchases before going to the stores with children in tow.