This is the seventh and last blog in a series on Travel Tips & Tricks. Today’s topic is on THE WRAP UP. Vacations are not really over until all the loose ends are tied up. You’ll be thankful you followed this advice down the road.

1. Empty all suitcases within 12 hours of getting home. Complete the wash and dry cleaning from your trip within one week.

2. Go through all your papers (receipts, brochures, etc.) and purge what you don’t need any more. Then create a reference file for the information you’d like to save for the future.

3. Write out all your thank you cards if needed within one week of your return. You can even do picture cards from your vacation. Try

4. Download your photos and develop your favorites. Create a photo album or photo gifts instead of purchasing souvenirs.

5. When you receive your next credit card statement, ensure that all the vacation charges were indeed correct.