This is the sixth blog in a series on Travel Tips & Tricks. Today’s topic is on BACK-UPS, SAFETY AND SECURITY. As you continue your summer vacation plan, plan and plan. You will be very thankful you did. A huge key to organization is in the planning stage. Here are 8 bullet points to think about as you get ready to go:

    1. Ensure your vital documents are up to date, know where they are AND make sure a trusted loved one knows where they are too.
    2. Copy and scan your itinerary and confirmation information to one file in your computer. Then email it to yourself. Just in case it gets lost, you can always retrieve the information online.
    3. Do the same thing with the contents of your wallet. Copy all your credit cards, insurance card and identification items. In case of theft, you will be able to retrieve all the information electronically and make the necessary calls for replacements.
    4. When traveling with small children:
      • Dress them in clothes that are bright and easy to spot. (Take a picture of them on your cell phone at the beginning of each day so you remember what they are wearing.)
      • Keep a school photo of each child with his/her height, weight, sex, eye color and hair color written on the back just in case you need this for the authorities to help you search for a lost child.
      • Have each child memorize your cell phone number so a stranger who many help your child can call you.
      • Most important, make sure your children know your plan for “If I Get Lost, What Do I Do?” which you should review regularly with them.
    5. Separate your money, Travelers Checks, credit cards into different and safe places. Place your passport into a neck pouch or specialty belt designed just for security purposes. (See AAA’s travel accessories at for great travel products.)
    6. Especially watch your luggage and yourself in situations where there are a lot of people such as tourist locations, airports, rest stops or train stations.
    7. Keep a low profile by not revealing expensive pocketbooks, jewelry and clothes.
    8. Take your packing list with you and keep a copy in your wallet in case you need to put in an insurance claim for your luggage. Remember in air travel they do not reimburse you for jewelry, electronics and cash so do not pack them in a suitcase.