This is the fifth blog in a series on Travel Tips & Tricks. Today’s topic is on SENTIMENTAL SOUJOURNS WITHOUT SILLY SOUVENIRS. Just because you go on a vacation doesn’t mean the family now owns a “clutter license”. Be cognizant of the fact that most remembrances end up as junk shortly down the road. Resist the take-home tourist trap! Here are a few abc’s to think about at the point of sale:

  • Before you purchase that souvenir ask yourself, “Where will this live in my house when I get home and what is its’ life expectancy?” Depending on your answers you just might not make the purchase.
  • If you have children, give each child a “Travel Treasure Box”. No one is allowed to bring home souvenirs that cannot fit into the size of that box.
  • Keep a travel journal instead of collecting mementos. Insert postcards of where you’ve been into it.
  • Create a photo album/scrapbook from your pictures instead of acquiring keepsakes.
  • Purchase a DVD of where you were or a book so your memories will be enhanced and you’ll learn more about where you’ve been.
  • Live in the present. If you’re busy buying trinkets you’re skipping the essence of the journey.