This is the third blog in a series on Travel Tips & Tricks. Today’s topic is on PACKING & SUITCASES. Before you even think about heading out the door on vacation this summer, plan, plan and plan. You will be very thankful you did. A huge key to organization is in the planning stage. Here are 8 bullet points to think about as you get ready to go:

  1. Layout and layer your wardrobe for the trip and then take only half. Wear an outfit twice and choose one color scheme. The color black travels well and always wear your bulkiest items on travel days. Remember less is more especially when traveling. Additionally, check the weather at the location you are destined for.
  2. Compartmentalize your luggage putting “like with like” and pack a kitchen garbage liner for laundry to come home with. If you have children have them create an “outfit bag” a day by placing each outfit into a large baggie.
  3. Under pack your shirts and buy new souvenirs shirts if you like to do that.
  4. Absolutely use a packing list. Take a copy with you, edit it as you go through your trip and then repack according to the list on the way home. If you go to the same destination again as some like to do, you’ll be glad you took notes relative to the list when you end up packing again the following year.
  5. Pack a collapsible duffle bag to store purchases for the way back. Better yet, ship your goodies home.
  6. Utilize a tote or backpack for your “ travel days” to and from home with all travel necessities such as a bottle of water, book, directions, confirmation information and pocketbook items. Then switch to a smaller purse or fanny pack for bare essentials when you get settled. Now you’ll have a choice between a backpack for day trips to places like amusement parks and a small one for nights out on the town.
  7. Make sure your luggage is tagged with your current information (also put your contact information INSIDE the suitcases too) and put something on the outside of the case like a colorful bandana so you know it’s yours when you see it drop of the luggage carousel. Weigh you suitcase at home and check with your airline carrier as to weight limits. If you know in advance you’re over you can redistribute or purge ahead of time.
  8. If you take a lot of medications, make sure you have an extra day or two of pills just in case you don’t get home on time as planned. Keep critical meds on your person instead of in your luggage and organize it individually by day whether it is in pharmacy type pill boxes or a snack baggie.