“The thoughts in your mind will always be more important than the things in your life.”

~John Maxwell, Today Matters

A good quote to start the new season especially if you’d like to de-clutter your home or your head. This spring instead of feeling overwhelmed by massive projects (your head) do mini-projects (your home).

Garage – Before

Garage – After

The above before and after pictures show an organizing job I did in three hours. I couldn’t do the whole garage in that amount of time but I could do a portion thoroughly from beginning to end down to the labeling. This workbench area went from a client’s dysfunctional eyesore to a usable workstation so that anybody in the house could find what they are looking for “tool-related”.

If you stick to one small space at a time and organize just that one area completely your brain will thank you for the closure and you will emotionally feel relief. Then you can reward yourself with a break and come back another time refreshed for your next spring project; maybe the gardening section of the garage or the kids sports zone will be tackled the following weekend?

Remember too during your spring fling that “Less Is More”. The less stuff you own the easier it is to find things, put things away and take proper care and maintenance of them. Appreciate what you have by going for the quality of your belongings. If you wouldn’t pay a moving company to transport an older dresser to your new home, then why not donate, sell or recycle it now? You’ll create extra space in your place which metaphorically gives your psyche an opportunity to rest and grow now that you’ve cleared out the dead wood.

So go around your home with a pad and pen and write down those pesky eyesores that need pruning. Make some appointments with yourself on your calendar and then weed them in small patches. You’ll be fertilized before summertime!