What’s the purpose of the particular closet you want to organize? Your goal for this closet is…?

“To know what I own so I can find it and match it when I want to wear it!”
“To house all my gifts for people’s birthdays, special events and Christmas.”


Take everything out, what categories do you have? Sort each category into a pile.


Pants, skirts, dresses, shirts, sweaters, shoes, scarves, ties, jewelry, socks, pocketbooks, belts, robes etc.


Time to get selective about your items; how do you feel when you wear it? Does it fit, is it stained, need to be altered, in style?

Count you inventory. Are you comfortable with owning 50 pairs of shoes and one pair of black pants? Do you need to subtract or add based on space and desires? Remember there are 120 days in a season, remember the 80-20 rule and your goal for this particular closet.


Now that you’ve selected what stays, get what’s not out of your house immediately. Drive that formal dress to the cleaners for alterations along with all the extra wire hangers. Call Big Brother Big Sister for a scheduled pick up. Get online and sell those Stetson hats you’ll never wear in New Jersey. Recycle that computer at your nearest Staples. Drop off the old bedding at the animal shelter.


Measure your KEEP piles. Use a ruler or count your number of possessions per category. How do you want to “house” your decisions?

  • Short hanging-shirts, jackets, skirts can be double hung, pole over pole
  • Middle hanging should have its own section with a shelf above for accessories
  • Long hanging should have its own area and every closet should have a shelf that runs across the top of the clothes for extra storage
  • Shoes-adjustable shoe shelves, cubbies, shoeboxes (label/photo), racks, over-the-door or under-the-bed solution. Should you have something by the front door, garage entrance or mud room?
  • Foldable-open or closed storage, what is your preference?
    • Do you want a scarf hanger or would you rather layer them in a drawer, basket or bin?
    • Do you want to hang ties or roll them up?
    • Do you want your sweaters in a the closet on a shelf with dividers or in a drawer or pull-out bin?
    • Would you like your pantyhose, socks and underwear in a drawer, in an over-the-door style pocket system or in a basket?
    • Should your delicates be hung spaciously or hidden for privacy?
    • Pants-hang long, hung over, folded on a shelf, folded in a drawer or stacked with shelf dividers?
  • Jewelry-trays, box, safe or hang (be careful if you hang)
  • Other amenities-do you want a mirror, laundry hamper, dry cleaning basket, valet rod, chair to sit on?
  • Where’s your prime real estate? Put hooks up for daily items such as loved robes and second chance clothing

Other considerations to consider:

  1. Relocation
  2. Think of the future
  3. Do it right, hire if necessary

While in the “O zone” plan for every space/category going in.

DIY-Shop, shop, shop

Customize-Great resale value, great maximization of space (I know people)

Think “Out of the Closet”, don’t be afraid to…

  • Move a dresser/desk into the closet
  • Borrow a dresser drawer in each bedroom to house linens for that room’s bedding
  • Put a dresser in laundry room for guest/seasonal storage
  • Utilize an armoire or turn a bedroom wall into a beautiful wall unit of shelving and storage


What’s your system? What are you going to do everyday to maintain your organized closet? No system is Effortless!