Presentation Topics

POSSE is proud to offer, but not limited to, the following CLUTTER CORRALS:

5 Must Have Time Management Tools

This workshop teaches 5 essential tools along with tips and tricks that can be applied in both the business profession as well as in domestic living.

Clutter Busters

Instead of learning how to “dig out” of the current clutter situation in your home, the idea behind Clutter Busters is to learn how to avoid taking on more possessions and balance out what you already own. As time passes by our houses become full to the roofline with items we may not truly love, use or need. This presentation will give you the ammunition to say, “enough is enough” and stay strong in your dealings with the myriad of items taking residence in your house. There are over 25 tips, tricks and mottos being taught in this one course.

From Homeroom to Homework

This special class is designed for parents/caregivers of 4th through 12th graders. It will teach you how to use a five-step procedure to organize everything from your children’s lockers, desks and backpacks to the all-important planner each school provides. Children are expected to know how to get organized once they are in middle school but nobody truly teaches them this life skill. Come learn it yourself so you can help your child boost his/her organizational skills which will carry into college and beyond. After this presentation your students can spend their time doing homework and studying instead of trying to find it!

Ready Stage Move

teamTaught by Jean Marie Herron of POSSE, Maria Rini of Re/Max and Bernadette Flaim of The Flaim Group

Are you interested in selling your home and getting the most money possible? Attend this class and learn about current pricing guidelines, critical maintenance issues and proven home staging theory and techniques. Topics include what repairs must be addressed prior to coming on the market, understanding what home staging is, de-personalizing, de-cluttering and organizing for your move, showing off your home’s space and architectural features, and much more.

Life Management – Time Management for Your Personal Life

Feeling overwhelmed with the demands placed on your time these days? Let’s change that by teaching you how to create your own time map and choosing how you want to spend your minutes, which equate to how you are spending your life. We just can’t possible remember it all these days. We need a plan, a purpose and a planner to help us through our daily to-do’s and a safe home for our long term goals. Come learn the priceless lesson of how to manage your time so you get the things done and feel accomplished.

Moving Magic


Cindy Myer – Taught by Jean Marie Herron of POSSE and Cindy Myer of Ridgewood Moving Services

Thinking about moving? Have you been in your home for decades or even just a few years? Is the task of moving the contents of your home so daunting you feel paralyzed? Then come and learn how to break down this elephant of a project into manageable pieces. You’ll learn how to plan and prepare for such an organizing endeavor, de-clutter the contents of your house and how to get rid of the things you no longer love, use or need, how to pack what you truly should bring and the right way to hire a mover.

Organizing 101 – Back to Basics

Did anyone ever teach you the 5 skills of being organized? It is a skill set that can be taught and learned. Watch and absorb the valuable lesson of how to organize any space in your home. Once you learn the principles you can apply it to all possessions and rooms in your residence. If you don’t know how to begin de-cluttering, simply want things in better order or are trying to maximize your space, then this is the class for you.

Organized Fashion

Did you know that when you clean out your closets you can also update your wardrobe! Jean Marie Herron of POSSE Partners LLC. and Kristin Dahl of Kristin Dahl Fashion Services offer this fun and educational class learning how to de-clutter your walk-ins and dressers while increasing your personal sense of style.

You will learn what to keep, purge and shop for in order to dress for today’s fashions.

Paper Paper Everywhere!

paper-pileOne of our biggest clients’ organizational challenges is paper. Come and learn how to give your entire paper problems proper placement in your home so you never have to wonder where you put them or how to find them. Jean Marie Herron will show you how to organize every kind of household paperwork and review record retention policies. This two-hour class will take you from procrastination to action with all types of paper solutions

The Holidays are Coming, the Holidays are Coming…

Christmas_treeMuch of the holiday preparation can be done in advance of the season. Learn to de-stress your December by plotting your planner and creating your own “Holiday Organizer” which will house all your seasonal information into one binder system and will include categories such as your Card List, Who to Buy For, Budget, Menus, Calendar and Traditions.

You’ll be able to check your list twice like Santa even before Thanksgiving even arrives.

Vitalize Your Vital Documents

safeIf you knew you had 10 minutes to evacuate your house or if a loved one should suddenly fall seriously ill, would you know where all your important documents are so you could rebuild your life? We all need our papers to be organized. Without them we can prove nothing. Getting our estates in order can cause many people anxiety but it doesn’t have to be this way if you are prepared. Please join Jean Marie Herron and Kimberly A. Paton, of The Paton Law Firm, LLC, as they review all kinds of documentation that you must have and know where it “lives” when life events occur and you need those vital documents immediately or simply to do something as common as a re-finance or even update a will.

What the Heck Is A Life Inventory™?

Carol R. Kaufman

Carol R. Kaufman

Presented by Professional Organizers Jean Marie Herron of POSSE Partners, LLC. and Carol Kaufman of CBData® Solutions.
Did you know professional organizers can help you build a “Life Inventory™”? This is a catalog of everything important in your life; from family members and pets to your online accounts, passwords and secured locations. From your wallet contents to financial accounts and passwords. From your service providers to your medical information. From your pictures of your home contents to pictures of your family… and everything in between. Then, all of that personal, medical, financial and other family information of all kinds, for each family member, can be scanned and digitized in one safe location. Instead of having piles of paper, sticky notes and all that important “stuff” in your head, you’ll have real organization!

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