Workshops and presentations for organizations, clubs and professionals

POSSE Partners offers a variety of presentations and workshops about home organizing, preparing for a move and more that you can bring to your group. We also speak on topics geared to real estate agents, real estate stagers and other organizers who are interested in our ReadyStageMove™ program.

You can read more about our upcoming and past presentations and check our schedule as well. Contact us at or (201) 406-9643 to put POSSE on your group’s calendar.

POSSE’s Current Clutter Corral™ Offerings are customized to private audiences such as Real Estate Offices and Lunch and Learn

Please call our office at 201-406-9643 or email to inquire about speaking opportunities to your organization.

Clutter Busters

Instead of learning how to “dig out” of the current clutter situation in your home, the idea behind Clutter Busters is to learn how to avoid taking on more possessions and balance out what you already own. As time passes by our houses become full to the roofline with items we may not truly love, use or need. This presentation will give you the ammunition to say, “enough is enough” and stay strong in your dealings with the myriad of items taking residence in your house. There are over 25 tips, tricks and mottos being taught in this one course.

“Downsizing for Dummies”

downsizingAre you one of the thousands of people in New Jersey considering downsizing over the next decade – whether to a smaller home here in Bergen County, a senior-living community or moving across country? Overwhelmed by all of your possessions accumulated over many years or just don’t know how you might make your home more appealing to today’s younger buyers?

Learn how de-cluttering, organizing and staging techniques can mean a care-free move and thousands more in your sale your home. These lessons come from a team approach of Professional Organizer, Stager and REALTOR®.”

When You’re Ready to Sell, Make Sure You’re Ready to be Seen


The ReadyStageMove™ Team
Bernadette Flaim, Certified Staging Professional
Jean Marie Herron, Certified Professional Organizer

Our ReadyStageMove™ presentations will show you what it takes to strategically prepare your home for sale so that you can make the most money possible, quickly, with the least amount of stress.

Whether you are downsizing, rightsizing or just thinking about moving, ReadyStageMove™ can inspire you to do all the work upfront BEFORE the “For Sale” sign goes into the lawn.

These speaking engagements include a Professional Organizer, Stager and Realtor®.


Moving Magic

moving_magicHave you been in your home for decades or even just a few years? Is the task of moving the contents of your household so daunting you feel paralyzed? Maybe you’re just thinking about moving. If you are, it’s never too early to start working on such a Time Management Project. The decisions you’ll need to make can be in the hundreds, possibly the thousands depending on the size of your house.

In this presentation you will learn how to plan and prepare for such an organizing endeavor, de-clutter the contents of your dwelling and how to get rid of the things you no longer love, use or need, how to pack what you truly should bring and the right way to hire a mover. This presentation is taught by Jean Marie Herron, Professional Organizer and Cindy Myer, President of Ridgewood Moving Services.

Organizing 101 – Back to Basics

sspoeThis presentation speaks to the concept that organizing is a skill that can be taught and learned. The audience will acquire the 5 sequential keys to organizing any space with the acronym SSPOE. By internalizing this recipe we can combat staying afloat in our fast-paced, cluttered, technology driven world. These elementary abilities are going by the wayside and it is up to an individual to remain focused and orderly in our multi-tasking society.

Paper Paper Everywhere!

paper-pileOne of our biggest clients’ organizational challenges is paper. Come and learn how to give your entire paper problems proper placement in your home or home office so you never have to wonder where you put them or how to find them. Jean Marie Herron will present how to organize every kind of household paperwork and review record retention policies. This two-hour class will take you from procrastination to action with all types of paper solutions


Vitalize Your Vital Documents

safe We all need our important papers to be organized. Without our vital documents we can prove nothing. Getting our estates in order can cause many people anxiety but it doesn’t have to be this way if you are prepared. Join Jean Marie Herron of POSSE and Kimberly A. Paton, of The Paton Law Firm, LLC, as they review all kinds of documentation that you must have and know where it “lives” when life events occur and you need those legal documents immediately. Whether you are selling a house, re-financing or updating wills, this presentation will help you strategize your filing and safe contents.

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